Ostrich Skins

One of the things that distinguishes our western wear and other attire made with ostrich hide from other materials are the distinctive quill follicles that speckle the surface of the material. Along with our manufactured ostrich leather goods, and made to order items, available through our SafariExoticLeather.com, we also provide ostrich skins, and other hides, as raw materials or collectables for interested buyers. These are the same, high quality and durable ostrich leather hides that we use to manufacture our fine ostrich leather products. These ostrich skins are available in the following colors:

  • Red
  • Brown
  • Black
  • Buttercup
  • And many others

The beauty of this wonderful material is that it not only looks incredible, but is incredibly durable as well. Whether you are using ostrich hide to make your own handbags, or are adding custom accents to a vehicle's interior, SafaraiExoticLeather.com is your source for the highest quality tanned ostrich leather available on the market.

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Other Hides and Leather Skins

In addition to our fantastic selection of high quality ostrich hides, we offer a selection of the other materials we use to manufacture our fine exotic leather goods. These include the following: crocodile and caiman skins, as well as stingray skins. Crocodile and caiman skins are available in a variety of cuts that are appropriate for different uses ranging from belly cut and hornback cut, to jersey cut. Something to keep in mind when you are considering using our crocodile and caiman skins is that we not only use responsible farming practices, but also use science to advantage to produce hides that are softer and easier to work with. We've accomplished this by lowering the calcium levels in the skin in our crocodile and caiman farms. Additionally, we are actively participating in a Wilderness Repopulation Program, so you can take solace in knowing that your purchase has helped, not hindered, the maintenance of natural ecosystems.

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