Stingray Belt

So, you've just picked out your new pair of stingray boots, what's next? The clear decision is to get the accessories you need to wear your stingray boots with style and prepare yourself for a night on the town. Finishing your look with a stingray belt and exotic leather is a great choice, and lucky for you, we have a great selection of both stingray belts and exotic leather here at Popular options for stingray belts include the following:

  • Stingray Tiger Print Western Belt
  • Stingray Multi-Eye Western Belt in Burgundy
  • Stingray Multi-Eye Western Belt in Black
  • Stingray Tiger Print Connection
  • Stingray Multi-Eye Connection Belt

However, if you just bought a pair of custom stingray boots, we'll be perfectly happy to help you design the accessories you need to match, in all the right colors as well, including the perfect stingray belt. Talk to us about what you have in mind, and we'll be happy to accommodate your specifications.

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Stingray Skins

There are couple things to know about stingray skins if you aren't familiar with them. First, they are incredibly durable and are naturally resistant to water. You'll also find that they are resistant to abrasion and tearing as well as fire. This material is made to last, and though it is super tough, it can still be worked with quite easily with a pair of ordinary steel scissors. It really does offer the best of both worlds when it comes to durability and workability.

Additionally, stingray skins are appropriate for many different applications, and have been used throughout history for many different purposes. Traditionally, stingray skin was used as the grip on Japanese swords, however today it is a perfect custom material for motorcycle, truck or car seats, and commonly used for purses, boots, and other fashion accessories.

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